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Air Conditioner Installation

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Oklahoma has nice weather, especially in the summer! And that is definitely something to take advantage of. However, many Norman residents complain about the heat and humidity inside their homes. It can definitely be an uncomfortable situation from time to time. That is why, at our company, we offer state of the art air conditioners. This can solve all your indoor heat problems. We provide an excellent installation service, which is done with meticulous care, so that it doesn’t affect any other services already in your home. Allow us to solve your air conditioner installation, so that you can enjoy your indoors all year round.

Initial Assessment

At Norman Heat and Air Repair, we pay attention to details. We want to make sure that the installation process is meticulous so that you can enjoy a safe, long lasting air conditioner. That is why, the first step we take when we are installing a new air conditioner is to do a home visit to our client’s house, in order to carry out an initial assessment. This step helps us understand the structural conditions of the home, as well as take note of any specification we should consider when we are designing the installation layout.

Choosing the right match for you

Do you remember those annoying A.C boxes in the past? The ones that were noisy and took up way too much window space? Well you can forget about those! In recent years, HVAC industry has made incredible technological advances in air conditioners. Now they are smaller, quieter and quicker than ever. At Norman Heat and Air Repair, we are able to offer our clients with a wide range of air conditioning models and brands. Each one has been designed to respond to different room sizes, weather conditions and general necessities. When we install an air conditioner in your Norman home, we make sure to choose the perfect model to suit your lifestyle.

Installation process

At Norman Heat and Air Repair, we have created an installation procedure that guarantees our client’s satisfaction. We program a time and date of installation that is most suitable for you. Afterwards, we send you a preliminary layout of where the ducts and vents will be installed in your house. Then you will receive our crew of trained professionals at your doorstep, punctual and ready to work. They will come with the most upgraded, specialized tools and equipment to get the job done. One week after installation, technicians will do a follow up by phone or email to make sure the installation was a complete success and answer any additional questions you may have.

Safety: first and last

At Norman Heat and Air Repair, we take safety very seriously. That is why we always make sure that our air conditioner installation process follows safety procedures. During the process, we are careful with the house’s electrical or drywall installation and always make sure to not affect it in any way. Also, our team always uses safety gear during the procedure. If there are any risky steps during the procedures, our technicians always inform our clients beforehand.

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