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Air Conditioner Repair

man holding a tester to check the air conditioner

Is your air conditioner acting up? Is it making a strange noise? Does it suddenly turn off with no explanation what so ever? If this is a problem you are currently facing, don’t think twice about calling Norman Heat and Air repair to get the problem solved today! When you hire us, we go to your home to review the problem. Our team is attentive to detail, so we look at every single feature and every single corner of the cooling systems to figure out what is going on. Afterwards, we deliver a complete written assessment of the situation, and we provide an estimated quote of the repair.

Specialized equipment

At Norman Heat and Air Repair, we are fully committed to delivering a top quality service. That is why we are always make sure to have the right tools and equipment. Thanks to our many years of professional experience, going to hundreds of homes all over Norman, we have been able to pinpoint which are the best tools and equipment for every situation. Our repairs are famous in the industry because we always deliver the best results. How do we achieve that? By using the precise tools that are needed in order to get the job done right.

Experts at work

Since the moment we created our company, we have always made it a priority to hire the the most qualified technicians in Oklahoma. We believe that in order to have a great team of technicians, you need to hire the best. And that is exactly what we have done! All of our team members are certified professionals, that have the knowledge and skill sets to repair any air conditioner problem. They always put our clients first, so they will try to find a solution that respect our clients budget and needs.

Sustainable repair

Norman Heat and Air Repair prides itself in being a sustainable and eco-friendly company. That is why our repairs always aim at finding ways of reducing electricity consumption. We are particularly careful about repair air conditioners that have self-regulating mode because this a great way to reduce CO2 emissions. Our repairs are also mindful about not creating excessive waste. That means that we won’t use excessive electrical and plastic material if we believe that it is unnecessary. We want to make sure we do our part in make our planet a cleaner and healthier place to live in.

Maintenance tips

We know that sometimes repairs can be a strain on the family budget because they are unplanned. That is why we offer some helpful tips to keep your air conditioner in top notch conditions, so that you can make sure it doesn’t require any repairs for a long time: it’s important to clean your ducts and change air filters every 6. Also, make sure to keep all your house doors and windows closed. This will prevent your cool air from escaping your house interior.  We also recommend to hire an annual maintenance services to your air conditioning, to inhibit it from deteriorating.

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