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Filter Replacement

man pulling out the filter

Filters are an essential part of air conditioners because they are the ones in charge of making sure your indoor air stays clean. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace them? Nowadays, most air conditioners will indicate it on the regulator screen. Older versions might not have that option, but you will start to notice that your indoor smells humid or moldy. That is definitely the sign that your filter needs to be removed! Thanks to our specialized tools and equipment, we are more than happy to get that job done for you. We provide an efficient, reliable service that you won’t regret.

Tailored service

Our company believes that every single client is unique. Every client has different homes, and therefore, different needs for their HVAC. That is why we offer a customized service. What does this entail? It means that before we replace your filters, we inspect your HVAC system to make sure that there is nothing that may obstruct or damage the filters. We make sure that the filters are correctly placed and do a few trials with the air conditioner turned on. Finally, we also provide some maintenance tips to make sure your filters and air conditioner ducts last a long time.

Maintenance is key

Maintenance can make all the difference in the longevity of filters. Proper maintenance allows your filters to last longer. We perfectly understand that our clients have busy lives and it’s hard to keep up with so many tasks. However, at Norman Heat and Air Repair, we can make your life so much easier. We offer a reliable maintenance service for your filters. It is quick, it is easy and you will be satisfied with the results. Our technicians do a thorough job so that you can forget about having to deal with strange or uncomfortable odors in your home caused by dirty filters.

Eco-friendly service

At Norman Heat and Air Repair, we do our share to take care of the planet. We make sure to use top quality filters, which do not use contaminants or toxic materials. Instead, we provide our clients with ecological filters, that can easily be recycled or reused once it is time to replace them. Furthermore, for our clients that want to go the extra mile in sustainable solutions, we also offer a safe, cleaning process, which allows you to reuse the same filter three times before replacing it. If this is something you might be interested in, don’t forget to mention it to our sales representatives when you give us a call.


Our filter replacement service includes programmed telephone calls and emails, in order to follow up with our clients after replacement has been completed. We do this in order to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the results. We are confident about the quality service we provide, however, we understand that sometimes new clients may have questions or doubts about filter replacement. We want our clients to feel completely comfortable with their air conditioners, so we like to do quick follow-ups, just to make sure everything is okey.

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